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Probiotics & Prebiotics

  • Vida-Defense 180s  - Premium Immune Health

    AST Vida-Defense 180s

    Immune Health Formula Enhances immune cell function and cell metabolism Healthy response to inflammation Healthy cell and organ function Reduces oxidative cellular damage As the body’s first line of defense, immune strength is critical to...

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  • Gut Magic - 30 Capsules

    Gut Magic - 30 Capsules

    It's generally accepted that sixty five percent of our health is regulated by the gut! Gut Magic is a specially formulated group of foods created to enhance balance in our lives. Gut Magic uses a series of Australian foods to help with everyday...

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  • Morlife Inulin Powder - Certified Organic - 150g

    Inulin Powder Certified Organic 150g

    Inulin Powder is a convenient and natural solution to increase your prebiotic soluble fibre intake and boost your wellness diet. As a good source of fibre, Inulin Powder contributes to your normal bowel function. Our inulin is derived from chicory root,...

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  • Ultra Blend - 100g

    Ultra Blend - 100g

    Billions upon billions of bacteria live within the intestines and are referred to as human intestinal flora. In fact we have more bacterial cells in our body that we have human cells. Some bacteria are referred to as friendly and others unfriendly. It...

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